Learn about the Bail Bonds Process in Odessa, TX

Learn about the Bail Bonds Process in Odessa, TX

Bail is not intended to be a punitive measure. The primary purpose of bail is to ensure you show up for court. The amount of bail is dependent on the severity of the crime, the defendant's criminal history, and to a large degree, the likelihood that the defendant will show up to court.

Wildman Law Firm does offer bonding services. However, that service is only offered to people who are our clients and Phillip Wildman is the attorney of record in their case. Ask about how the attorney bonding process works during a free case consultation.

Get Out of Jail Faster

Retain a bail bond lawyer in Odessa, TX

Bail isn't meant to punish you - it's simply in place to make sure you attend your trial. It can make awaiting trial more stressful. If you're working on your case with Philip Wildman, you can get bail bonding service from Wildman Law Firm. As your bail bond attorney in Odessa, TX, he'll use your bond money as a retainer for legal fees. This makes the process easier and less stressful for you.

Work with a lawyer from our bail bonding service for advice on your situation now by calling 833-866-9453.

Waiting for your trial doesn't have to be a waste of time

You shouldn't have to sit in jail another night waiting for trial. A bail bond will help you get back to your loved ones. Getting out of jail can allow you to go back to work, spend time with your family and begin working on your case. This is time you don't want to lose because of a high bail.

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