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I am dedicated to fighting for your rights, your reputation, and your interests. I limit my practice to trial law, focusing on criminal defense and DWI defense.

I handle all aspects of your case personally. As your lawyer, my most urgent priority is to help arrange your release and to negotiate reasonable bonds for your release. Then, I begin preparing your case for trial. My goal is always a dismissal or a sweetheart plea offer, but the best way to get either is to be prepared for trial.

If you or a family member is arrested, your first priority should be to get competent and effective legal assistance. Your legal rights and your freedom become my top priority. I go the extra mile for my clients, and that may be the difference between freedom and incarceration in your case.

Call my office to schedule a free consultation. My support staff is fluent in English and Spanish. You'll appreciate the personalized legal services I will provide.